Friday, February 12, 2010

The Diva's Birth Story: The FINALE! and Week1

So....after a longer delivery....we were finally taken to the ONLY postpartum room left in the entire hospital. Now, I call it a room, but can it really be called a room if it only has 3 walls? Literally! It only had three walls, it was more like a closet. There wasn't much to do except watch whatever we could find on TV....I got caught up on The Real House Wives of Orange County....and sleep. We couldn't move around the room, unless we went from our respective resting places to the bathroom. We had to stay 48 hours for our newborn screening, but once that was done, we were more than ready to head home! Baby C wore the exact same outfit that Big C wore home, with the addition of pink bows!

How has Big C reacted to the newest edition? Well....better than we ever imagined!! He wants to know where she is at all times, will give her a pacifier, kiss her, pat her back, and his already protective of her. He didn't want the other kids to look at her when I picked him up from the babysitter with Baby C for the first time. "NO! NO! Tay-ton's babeee!" So cute! He even shares watching Mickey Mouse with her!
Baby C is officially 1 week old! She has ventured outside only to pick up her brother from the babysitter's and to her 1 week doctor's appointment. The doctor thinks she looks great...she is already past her birth weight! When we left the hospital, she went from 7.10 lbs to 7.28lbs. Now, she is back up to 7.11lbs. She is still a little jaundice, but it is nothing that the doctor is concerned about.
I, for one, think she is just perfect...but then again, I'm a little partial....
...even if I do bore her!

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  1. She is simply beautiful! I can't wait to meet her. How is Mom feeling??