Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Must Reads

I never realized how little "good" TV was on during the day. Unless you are into soap operas or endless baby shows, there isn't much worth watching during the day. I mean, the Olympics don't even come on until the evening...what's up with that?! So, not only have I had a newborn attached to a certain body part I have also had my Kindle attached to another certain, but different, body part. I love the fact that I can download samples of books for free, read a couple of chapters, then decided it I want to buy it or not. I have added a few....ok, like maybe 10 so far, but like I said there is NOTHING on TV during the day! books to my must read list.

A new author that I recently discovered is Allison Winn Scotch. The first book I read from her was:

This book was about a mother who often wondered what her life would be like if she made different choices...then poof! one day, she went back in time 7 years and was able to make different choices to see what her life would have been like. I don't know anyone who hasn't at least thought about what their life would have been like if they had chosen a different path. Not only will you get caught up in how her life differs with every choice she makes, but it will also have you thinking about your life and the 'what ifs' if you had chosen a different path for your self.

Currently, I'm reading:
Breast Cancer Awareness has always been a very close cause to my heart, so when I came across her book about a young women who is diagnosed with it, of course I became hooked right away. I'm only half way done with it so far, so I can't give too much info about it other than when reading it, you will become the main character's cheerleader and sympathizer throughout the novel.

Just when you thought we were rid of her.....
Kate Gosselin has a new book coming out in April. This book is boasting excerpts from her private journal about her marriage, kids, and three years of filming their TV reality show. I wonder if there will be anything 'juicy' about her ex-husband whom I have read she had a nickname for him...Stubby. You can just imagine what body part she was referring to with that one!

Kelly Cutrone may be a cut throat boss, however, in her book she offers women encouragement to go after their dreams and stand up for themselves....
something you don't see her doing much of on her reality TV show, but her book is inspiring....a must read to get you off your rear-end and get motivated!

Tori Spelling is now trying her hand at writing children's books after writing adult books. I can't help but think that the main character of her book, Tallulah not only looks like her, but has her same dog too. Maybe this is yet again another stab at her mother....

I'm sure many of you don't have time to sit and read a 300+ page book...maybe you just have enough time to read blogs...but at least you are reading!!! (You can take the teacher out of the classroom, but not the love of reading from the teacher!)

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