Thursday, July 2, 2009

Triple the Fun

Last weekend we visited our cousins who were blessed with not one....not two...but THREE little miracle babies! When we first go to the house...all was quiet....eerily quiet. The babies were ALL sleeping! Surely enough, one by one, they each woke up and we got to play with them and feed them. They are just beginning to start baby food and I was the lucky one who got to feed them. Three babies, one jar of food, and one hungry toddler equals a big balancing act! Big C was playing across the room, but sure enough, as soon as he smelled food he came running! Notice where Big C is in each of the pictures...he keeps moving closer and closer to the food.

Harper, Arden, and Emerson waiting for me to quickly give them their carrots. Big C checking out the food.

Big C is trying to climb in my lap to get the would have never guessed that just an hour before he ate two pieces of french toast, yogurt, a banana, and milk!
We had such a great time playing with the babies and visiting with their parents. I have a WHOLE new respect for parents of multiples!
My little bottomless pit is enough!

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