Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adding On....

....to our house!!

FINALLY!! FINALLY!! FINALLY!! I have wanted to add on to the back of our house a bigger patio for almost two years and it FINALLY happened!! We used to have a door mat sized concrete slab, barely big enough to wipe your feet on. Now we have a big whopper of a patio that nicely fits our grill, Big C's toy, and some room to spare for outdoor furniture....when we buy some. I still need to 'jazz' it up by adding some eye candy around the edges, but as of right now, I am just THRILLED that we have it!!

Beautiful big slab of concrete!
With room to spare!

Thank you to much to my wonderful husband for FINALLY getting it done and footing the bill! Thanks so much to my dad for helping us every step of the way.
Thanks so much to Scott for lending us his muscles!

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