Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Play Date Wednesday

Big C had a play date today with my friend's nephew, Jameson. Jameson was born 5 days before Big C. After Big C warmed up...taking a total of 15 minutes....the boys would watch what the other one was doing, and then copy it. At one point, they were both running around the back yard screaming at the top of their lungs and just laughing hysterically! It was so fun to see how Big C interacts with other children, especially great since there were almost exactly the same age. At one point, they were sitting on the deck, talking to each heart melted! We should have known that they would be best buds especially since they were dressed almost identical in their their orange shirts!

Jameson on the left, Big C on the right.
Big C: "High five, dude."
Jameson: "Best Buds 4 life, yo."

Sampson went along with us to play with their new puppy, Gertie. She is a 9 week old full of energy. Sampson is now trying to recuperate.

I'm assuming that the blanket over the head means "Do NOT Disturb."

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