Sunday, July 19, 2009

Congratulations Jess and Bob!

This week was full of welcoming new family members! On Saturday, Curt's sister got married!! Welcome officially to the family Uncle Bob!

The lovely bride, Jessica, with her groom, Bob.

Big C was the ring bearer for their wedding.
Raise your hand if you walked down the aisle like a big boy!!!

Big C was so cute walking down the aisle. He thought that he would help out the minister, so he just walked right up to him and started talking away. Sadly, Big C has not taken the online course, so he could not be the officiant.

I was a bridesmaid and Curt did a reading for the wedding.

Don't we make a good lookin' family?!

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  1. A BIG weekend for your family! Congratulations on the 2 new family all look BEAUTIFUL!