Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary Hubby!

Happy 4th Anniversary to my amazing husband!! Four years ago today, we were surrounding by family and friends pledging our commitment and love to each other in front of God. I didn't know it was possible, but I love him now more than ever!

(This picture was taken when we were a lot younger.....and a lot cooler!)

Even though today is our anniversary, we celebrated last night with dinner and a movie...sans Big C. What movie did we choose?
mmmmm....well, this is another reason why I love my husband! He lets me drag him to all sorts of movies!
I haven't seen a bad Harry Potter movie yet.....and this one will not disppoint!

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  1. Happy 4th Anniversary!!! I hope the two of you enjoy your day and may your love for on another continue to grow even more.