Friday, February 20, 2009


Have you heard of this? Apparently, it's all the new craze. I must be out of it because I thought blogging was the new craze! At least I don't still carry my "Zach Morris" cell phone or wear socks with sandals..actually, I never did that one! If you are like me and haven't heard of Twitter, let me fill you in. Twitter is kinda like Instant Messenger for your kinda like a text. Instead of sending it to only one person at a time, it sends to many people. It is basically just to tell people what you are doing when you are doing it. In my takes "blog stalking" or "facebook stalking" to a whole new level! I had heard about it from a friend and also from looking up celebrity gossip...yes, I am one of those people who is slightly addicted to magazines like "In Touch" and "OK". I was surfing online and came across an article about Britney Spears and how she Twitters. Of course I had to sign up for an account to see what she was talking about! When it comes right down to it, I guess it is just one more 'cyber thing' for people to get addicted to!

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  1. I am a Twitter stalker as well!!! :-) However, I still don't totally understand how it works. I am a fan of celebrity gossip myself and I enjoy following Ashton & Demi on Twitter. They have very funny conversations during American Idol. Who knew a year and a half ago that we would have so much in common?!?!? (Have you seen the T-Shirt about the Zach Morris cell phone?)