Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day One

Day one with no sweets started out......ROUGH! My teaching assistant, whom I love and trust very dearly and whom I could not function without during the day, promised that she would help me with my fasting of sweets. She said that since today was my first day, that she would help me by not eating any sweets herself. We did really well all sweets! However, in the afternoon for our students' snack she decides to feed them BROWNIES! Not just any brownies mind you, brownies with chocolate fudge on them AND if that wasn't enough, they even had mini chocolate chips on them that cried out "Party in your mouth if you eat me!" I couldn't believe it! My mouth was literally salivating! To redeem herself, she decides to, with the help of our Kindergarten students, take inventory of all of their snacks to make sure that I don't cheat and eat them! (Mind you, this was a FANTASTIC math lesson for the kids and it was so meaningful for them, especially as I sat in the corner just shaking my head!) With friends like this....who needs enemies!

The Culprit

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  1. I'm glad there was a good lesson in the end. Best of luck as you go through Lent...I'm giving up some TV time and internet time...