Sunday, February 22, 2009

Children's Museum Fun!

Saturday was cold, cold, cold! We didn't feel like being couped up in the house so we decided that since Curt was home that we would have a family outing. We packed up and visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum. First of all, if you live in the Indianapolis area and have children you HAVE to take them to the museum. I take my Kindergarten students every year and they have a blast! Not only is the museum fun and interactive, but there is so much to learn. Between the Superhero exhibit, to the Lego Castle, to the Egyptian tomb, and Science world and not to mention the Dinosphere that rains...yes rains... we learned so much and had a blast! Here are a few pictures from our trip.
Entering Lego Castle. This horse and knight are completely made out of Lego's...amazing!
Daddy and Clayton with the Knight before entering the Lego Castle.
If Daddy was a Lego Knight, this is what he would look like! Facial hair and all!
This dragon was also made completely out of Lego's...probably one of the coolest Lego sculptures I've ever seen!
Now entering the Comic Book Heroes exhibit.
Clayton and his goldfish snacks are posing in front of the car used in the "Dark Knight" batman movie. That thing actually has a jet engine!
In the Dinosphere exhibit, kids can dress up like a dinosaur and pretend to play in a nest with dinosaur eggs.
We didn't dress Clayton up, but he sure did enjoy the eggs! However, he thought they were basketballs and kept throwing them out of the nest. Maybe this is why dinosaurs are extinct!
We all had an amazing time at the Children's Museum and left right before all of the snow hit. Little Clayton LOVED everything and was so tired after our adventure. He not only slept on the way home, but he took a three hour nap at home too. We will definitely be returning!

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