Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Book Club Tuesday

For those of you who know me, I am a very avid reader. If you give me a book, chances are I will have it read in a day...maybe 2 days time. When I came across the "Twilight Series" I was very leary of the book. After hearing friends going on and on about how great the book was, I caved and read it. I was completely ADDICTED!! I got my sister reading it, my Mom, my babysitter, and many of my girlfriends to read it. I've thrown around the idea of starting a book club because I just love reading books and discussing them. So...here goes!!

The first book 'official' book in the book club is of course.......


I'll ask a question about the book and please feel free to respond to my questions and comments along with others' comments that have been posted too. Oh, I'm so excited!! This will be so fun!
Ok, so, I was very skeptical before reading this book. I felt that I was too old to ready a book that was about teenagers/ high schoolers. However, after the Cullen family was introduced, I was hooked. So my question to YOU is...at what point did you become hooked? When did you know that you just had to read all of the books in the series and couldn't put the book down to go to bed...I know you felt this way too! :)


  1. I was hooked when Edward said he was born in 1916. That intrigued me. Got bored with all the "chaser" stuff and I hope second book is less of that!! So...does she turn into a vampire??

  2. I was hooked when Bella first spotted the Cullen family across the cafeteria. It is such a interesting book considering it is about high school kids. I may have finished reading all 4 books 2 weeks ago, but I still think about that family and can't wait until the movie comes out so I can buy it. Thanks for getting my hooked Lindsay. Love You!