Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Big C's Growin' Strawberries!

Big C LOVES fruit. It is so hard to keep fruit in the house, especially in the summer, because he eats it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks during the day. While I'm not complaining in the least about him wanting to eat fruit, my weekly grocery budget is! He and I were out browsing at Lowe's and came across a grow your own strawberry kit. I'm constantly trying to find fun activities for him that are centered around learning...such as creating and caring for his frogs.
When I found an activity under $10 that was not only a learning experience but would hopefully help in the grocery budget, I jumped at the chance! He needed no convincing as well!

As soon as we got home, we started to put the kit together. Big C was super excited to grow strawberries, however I believe he thought it would be instantaneous...oops, guess I forgot to explain that part!
The kit comes with a planter, soil, and 10 strawberry seeds. Have you ever seen strawberry seeds? They are so tiny!! Good thing I went to the eye doctor so I could see them!

First task is to add a couple cups of water to the soil and 'fluff' it up. This was one of the funniest parts because Big C HATES to get his hands dirty! The look of disgust on his face while his hands were in the soil was very entertaining to say the least.

Next was filling the planter with soil. He refused to use two hands. Big C didn't want to get both hands dirty. After the planter was filled, we added the strawberry seeds in all of the holes, covered them, and gave it a little water. Then, Big C was almost at his limit and needed his hands washed...STAT!

He choose a nice sunny place for his strawberries. He has been very responsible in reminding me that the strawberries need to be watered.

I wish that I had some big learning epiphany for my 3 1/2 year old son, but I think that all he got out of this was growing strawberries is dirty!

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