Thursday, May 19, 2011

We'd Like to Welcome to Our Family...

Our 2 new pets! (Did you think I was going to say I was pregnant again?! GOTCHA! Haha!) I have been waiting for these to come for almost a month!! A teacher friend of mine had gotten them for her classroom and thought that Big C would love them.

They arrived from South Carolina on Monday....

Packaged tightly to survive their long trip... (the suspense is eating at you now huh?)

Big C got their home ready for them by putting in the live and decorative rock...(Baby C wanted to eat the rock, so she was being entertained elsewhere)

He added a little bit of character to them with the big rock and the bamboo stick for oxygen...

While we waited for their body temperatures to get familiar with the new water, we pondered names...we needed only two... (OH, you think you know, but you have no idea...)

Big C and the new pets see eye to eye on their new names...

Big C and Baby C are the proud new owners of 2 African Dwarf Aquatic Frogs!

Welcome to our family Sir Hops-A-Lot and Sir Goofs A-Lot!

I was hoping that they would have a 'southern drawl' to their ribbits, however with them being completely submerged under water, they never make a peep...or I guess in this case...a croak.

Baby C wanted to test their swimming ability by beating on their habitat, so once again, she had to be entertained least she didn't try to eat them!

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