Sunday, June 26, 2011

Every Day is Father's Day!

So...I've been MIA the past week....but with good reason! Curt had knee surgery about a week and a half ago, which fell during my last week of school...which is busy to say the least. With him out for count, finishing up school, and Big C and Baby C GETTING INTO EVERYTHING, my time has been rather full. Good news, Curt is on the mend and is able to watch the tornado that is our daughter while I am able to get some things done...blogging being one of them!

Since his surgery was 2 days before Father's Day this year, we decided to celebrate early since he is usually pretty doped up after his surgery for a few days. There is no question about how much these two little ones love their Daddy!

He won't like that I posted these, but it is more so for my memory and for the kids to look back on them. This was Curt the day after his surgery. He basically stayed in this position for about a week. Big C was very concerned about him and lined up all of his trucks to keep an eye on him to help him feel better.

Someone had some sympathy pains....however, he only stayed like this for about 5 minutes, then he was walking around on his 'crutches'...which are really paint stir sticks!

They sure are a pair, huh? to get Baby C. She seems to feel the need to climb the stairs in our home about 10,000 times a day, whether we are present to help her not!

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