Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh the Choices!

My kids love to eat Goldfish crackers. They are so easy to throw them in the diaper bag or purse and take as a snack. Not to mention, I think that they are pretty cute. This weekend, I made my weekly grocery shopping trip and saw that they were on sale at our Kroger, which was a perfect opportunity to stock up! However, when I got to the end cap (end of training at Target is still paying off!) I was completely overwhelmed. There were 10 DIFFERENT types of Goldfish crackers! Not all of them were even crackers! Some were pretzels, some where graham crackers, some where about overwhelmed! (I also don't think that it was helpful that Big C was with me and needed one of each kind.) After a 10 minute internal debate...LITERALLY...these were the lucky winners that got to come home with us:

S'more Goldfish, Cinnamon Graham Goldfish, Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish, Color Basketball Goldfish, and Pretzel Goldfish...we also have regular Goldfish and Baby Goldfish (not pictured)

My favorite? By far the Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish...DELICIOUS, especially with my morning coffee. Unfortunately, Baby C loves them also and eats them like there is no tomorrow!

So....I did a little research...there are about 15 different varieties of Goldfish crackers and graham crackers! The teacher in me totally thought of doing a Goldfish taste testing and comparing and contrasting them....nope, sorry, I can't just turn the dorkishness (no, spell check does not recognize this as a word, but I'm ok with that!) off and on. During my research, I came across this:
and I got super excited because I thought that it was so cute! I think I'll keep a look out for these!

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