Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baby C: 1 Month Old

I can't believe that Baby C is already 1 month old! It doesn't feel like she could be this old already...time is moving too fast!

What's Baby C been up to?
  • She now weighs over 9lbs! She continues to eat really well, however she is a spit up queen and has projectile vomited a few times. Baby C has good aim, if she is aiming for me!

Exhibit A

  • For the past two nights, Baby C has only woken up once to eat! She has given me 4-5 hours of consecutive sleep. I couldn't be more happy than that!
  • Baby C is so alert! She loves to be talked to and will stare at our faces. She loves her big brother! Big C will crouch down and talk to her "Hi CC. Bye CC. Wuv ewe CC. Tay-ten see you. Tay-ten go to scool." Melts my heart!

  • Baby C is still a talker! She grunts nonstop when she is awake. She loves to be up looking around, trying to focus her eyes. She does very well with tummy time (a lot better than her big brother ever did!) and is getting so strong at holding her head up!

  • We have been taking short trips...Target, grocery store, TJ Maxx, etc. and she seems to love it although she sleep through them.

  • She has been smiling a little, but I hoping next month it will be more deliberate smiling and not just gas smiles!
  • Curt, Big C, and I still catch ourselves staring at her. She is just so beautiful and such a blessing to us all!

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  1. One month already? Wow...that went fast. I'm glad the little diva is giving you time to sleep at night. It helps so much! I'm with you on the spit-up...Reba is a queen at it too...Dallas wasn't. I can't wait for Dallas to start talking more, so he too can say all the cute things to his little sister.

  2. That spit-up pic is hilarious!!! Good timing with catching that!