Monday, March 15, 2010

Regional Finals and March Madness

Have you ever had a themed weekend? I mean, like on Monday when you look back at your weekend and every day has a common theme to it? I definitely had one of those weekends and the theme was: BASKETBALL!

Saturday started our themed weekend bright and early with the first round of Regional basketball games. Curt and his Lancers won the first game in overtime. However, they weren't as successful in the the Regional Finals and got second place. They ended with the best season in school's history since 1973 with a record of and a Sectional victory. I'm so proud of Curt and all of his hard work. I'm sad that basketball season has came to an end, but thrilled to have my husband home!
Sunday officially kicked off:
with Selection Sunday. As soon as "The Selection Show" was over, I got my brackets filled out! I filled out two brackets for fun and had two different NCAA National Basketball Champions....which I'll let you know at a later time! Have you filled out your brackets yet? Who is your prediction to win the tournament?

I realize that if you aren't from Indiana, basketball may not be as big for you. It seems like for my family, March Madness is just as big as Christmas! Maybe that is because the

is held only 20 minutes from my house. All I can say is that from now until April 5th, its all basketball, all the time!

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