Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Monday

I've been super busy this Monday with cleaning up from the weekend, doing all the laundry and bedding, little grocery shopping, taking care of Baby C....whom I might change her name to Pukerella. Baby girl can't shoot a basketball yet, but she can certainly shoot her 'food' across the room effectively landing it down my back, front, and anything I am touching at the time.

Baby C finally had her first bottle (filled with my milk) this weekend. I was worried that once she goes bottle, she won't go back. However, she easily went to both with ease.

Why did we wait so long to introduce the bottle? Well, I wanted her first bottle to given by her Daddy. I wanted it to be a special bonding time for them and with Curt's success this basketball season, he wasn't home much so wait we must.

We couldn't wait much longer because we go see MICHAEL BUBLE in concert this week! I'm so excited to see him in concert, but very apprehensive to leave my kids over night. I've never been good about leaving Big C and throwing in Baby C just makes it twice as hard!

**How's your NCAA Tournament Braket doing? I'm still beating my husband, however Kansas losing is greatly going to hurt me in the long run. Congratulations to the TWO Indiana teams still in the tournament, Butler and my Purdue Boilermakers!! BOILER UP!!

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