Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home Renovation Continued!

I know what you are thinking "Sheesh lady, give your house a break already! You change your house like you change your underwear!" WELL...not exactly. When we tore out our carpet, we were planning on extending the floor into our kitchen also, however with time constraints this couldn't happen. BUT IT HAPPENED TODAY! I couldn't be happier with the way that it turned out!

Before with the ...yuck floors.

After with our BEAUTIFUL new flooring!

**Sigh** What a fabulous week this has been! No school due to my fall break, new kitchen flooring, found out Baby C is healthy and a GIRL, and almost have Big C's room completely finished! We are just waiting on a few furniture pieces and we will have his room done! Here is another sneak peak at his room.

What's next on my list of home renovations? Grout the bathroom tiles (hopefully tomorrow while Big C naps), finish Big C's new big boy room, and create Baby C's nursery then....RELAX!

Or plan my next home renovation attack.....hee..hee....(insert sneaky face here!)

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