Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby C Update

As we are moving into our 6th month of preggo-tastic, I thought it was appropriate to give a little update on Baby C's progress. We did have a doctor's appointment this week. Baby C's heart rate looks fantastic, right in the normal range and by judging my by belly size, she is growing right on track. We did "make a date" for another ultrasound to check the cyst that is on her head and to take the dreaded glucose test. This won't happen for another few weeks so until as usual around here...along with extra praying that the cyst as gone away on it's own.
Big C did make me laugh today....which is normal, but I could have cried too! Today was the first day that he noticed my bulging belly. While laying on the couch watching Mickey Mouse, he had his head resting on my stomach and it kept rolling to one side. He sat up, turned around, and pulled up my shirt to which he gave a surprised "WOWWW!!".
Apparently, he realized that my "six pack" was now replaced with a "pony keg." Jokes on him....pretty soon, it will be a regular full size keg!

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