Friday, October 23, 2009

Helping Out Our Fellow Man

To help out our fellow "man" this week, I have a P.S.A.....Personal Sanity Announcement...Public Service Announcement.

Last night, well into the night, at 1:44 AM I was awoken by a extremely annoying "chirping" sound. About a minute later, it happened again. What was it you may ask was disturbing our sleep:
The next hour was like the episode of "FRIENDS" when Phoebe had the issue with the smoke detector and ended up destroying it.

However, we did not destroy the smoke detector, but we did have to make a trip to the store at 2:30 am after we figured out the the battery needed to be replaced and we didn't have one. Curt did begin to take a part Big C's toys to see if they had the correct battery....but he has a lot of toys!

So...for my PSA: If you can't remember the last time that the batteries in your smoke detectors were changed, please change them! I will be changing all of the batteries this weekend as to not have another episode where I ended up like this at 2:00AM:

Just a word of advice....

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