Friday, October 2, 2009

Show Us Your Life: Baby/Toddler Gear

This week on Show Us Your Life it is all about Baby Gear, things that you could and couldn't live without. We are well into toddler gear currently with Big C being 21 months old. Here are some things that we definitely got our money's worth!
Child's Walker:
Big C LOVED this! It was his first taste of independence (considering that he hated to be on his stomach and didn't crawl until after he could walk.). He not only loved to follow us around the house, but also chase our dog (much to the dog's dismay!)

When his legs gained better control and muscles, he would then push it an walk behind it. (I promise he loved it! This picture was taken after his 12 month shots, I would look like that too after getting 4 shots!)
A hand held DVD player has saved us many times...long car trips, long family outings, fancy dinners....or just when a really good show is on! We try not to use it every time, but only on those special occasions when we know he might get in "melt down" mode.

TIGER! TIGER! TIGER! We have had tiger ever since Big C was 3 months old. He LOVES his tiger "lovie" from Angel Dear. I actually bought 4 of them so that he does not have to go without when one is washed or in case we ever loose one. Tiger goes everywhere with us and has been such a comfort to Big C. This was a HUGE necessity for us. We have already bought Baby C her own Angel Dear blankies and she won't be born until February!
See? Tiger goes every where and is just as important to Big C as food and water! ( A rare moment at home when Big C was watching the DVD...or even sitting still now!)

These are just a few things that we couldn't live without for our toddler...there are a lot more, but these were the top necessities. I do have a question though. We will be expecting a baby girl in February and all I know is boys! What is something that will be a necessity for a baby girl?

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