Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pink Infiltration only took 24 hours before "pink" began to infiltrate our house! Big C is graciously sharing his closet with his little sister until his new room is ready. I must admit, it is odd for me to see pink amongst my little boy's clothes!

However, I am quickly getting the hang of it! I found this absolutely adorable PINK Ralph Lauren tank dress on sale at TJ Maxx and guess what?! It has BLOOMERS!!! BLOOMERS?! I can't believe it! I'm totally in love...*swoon*
Yes, I did mention that Big C is getting a new room...complete with big boy bed and all! Baby C will be moving into his old room and Big C will be moving into the newly renovated spare room. However, it is no where near ready. Until it is is a sneak peak at his new room.

I just realized that I have been wearing pink for the past two days. I'm so thankful to have my little boy to help keep me balanced!

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  1. Yeah...A GIRL! :) Enjoy buying as much PINK as your little heart desires! You won't believe the amount of cute girl clothes you will find! Happy shopping!