Sunday, September 8, 2013

What do you do?

Other than, "how are you doing," this is the most frequent question I am asked.   For those of you that know me in real life....not via the Internet ...know that I am a person who is always doing something. For example, when at home, I can't just sit and watch TV, I have to either fold laundry, work on school stuff, read....something! I relax by doing something....which doesn't seem like too relaxing to most! When we first told people that I was going on bed rest and being admitted to the hospital, everyone was stumped on how I was going to manage STAYING PUT ALL DAY.  So, to answer this question and to document for my own record, here is what I "do" all day while being on bed rest in the hospital.

8:00-8:30 am
    I usually wake up around this time every day. I do my quick version of a morning routine: use the restroom, wash face and brush teeth (sitting down of course).  Then I get all snuggled back in bed with my "leg shackles" ( SDs: air compression wraps that i have to wear 24/7 to prevent blood clots in my legs) and covers and pillows. since being in bed all day, I like the room to be cold to snuggle up.  Curt and Clayton always call and leave  me a voicemail message on their way to school. I like that their voices are the first ones I hear in the morning, reminds me of being home. Good Morning America is my go to morning show while I check all my social media accounts.

9:00 am
  Meet my day nurse (I've just about made it through all of them at least once!), take my vitals and start the first baby monitoring of the day. Around 9:30, I call room service and order breakfast. Food delivery usually takes about an hour. While on the baby monitor, I must lay as still as I can for abut an hour....sometimes more depending on how the baby does. I usually watch Kelly and Michael during this time and play Candy Crush...remember I can't ONLY watch TV!

10:00-10:30 am
   Time to get off of the monitor! Then it's time to use the restroom...again...climb back into bed and get situated. Room services brings breakfast around this time which I eat in bed.

  During this time is the busiest for the hospital staff to come in. I will see the doctor on call for a quick check in...usually lasts 2 minutes tops. The head nurse, nurse, dietician, massage therapist,  and etc. they usually come about 1/2 hour. In between their visits, I'm using the restroom, searching for something on TV, reading, Internet surfing, texting, etc. I also have visits from nurses that are on duty, but not mu particular day nurse. They just pop in to talk, sometimes staying 45. All the nurses are great! Sometimes, I also get in a mini-nap....30-45 minutes...once you see my night schedule you'll know why!

  Order lunch from the hospital menu...making sure that any condiments I might want I have to order along with telling them how many. Wait for lunch to arrive...more candy crush, reading, surfing via the Internet, or my new game...Jelly Splash. Once lunch arrives, I have to take my time eating. When you are laying down 90% of your day and pregnant, the acid reflux can be killer. By eating slowly, it gives my food more time to digest and the reflux seems more manageable.

   Nap. It is crucial to me being able to function!

    Another round of baby monitoring for an hour or more. TV watching, reading, checking monitor, this time.

   Shower! If its a change the IV day (every 96hours) I get to shower without a plastic bag engulfing half my arm. I only get 10 minute showers and must sit during them, but they are so glorious!!!! While I shower, the nurse changes the linen on my bed. I know it's a little thing, but a nice shower and clean linens sure do something uplifting for my mental health!  Then the nurse and I okay a fun game of "where should the new IV go." Since being admitted 29 days ago....who's counting?.... I have had 9 different pokes of an IV. It's really not so bad, the tape to secure is much more annoying!

5:00-6:00/6:30 pm

This is usually the time when visitors come during the week. I try not to have any visitors come on the days that my kids are here. It is crucial to me that they get special attention from me. They don't come every day, which makes my time with them priceless.

   Order dinner, wait for it, and eat. Usually the evening shows are starting to get better so that helps keep my attention. The nurses switch shifts at this time so I meet my night nurse and say adios to the day nurse.

7:30 -9:00pm
     I make my nightly phone call to my babies at home. They are getting in to bed and I get to help...lots of kisses and hugs over the phone and heading them say, "I love you Mommy" always brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart melt every time.

  Another round of monitoring and vitals. I try to talk with


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