Monday, September 16, 2013

Indescribable Joy

Today, CJ is officially 1 week old.  Again, this is an amazing medical miracle.  I have had so many friends and family members in the medical profession tell Curt and I that there is no medical explanation for how or why CJ is progress so well.   We continue to be in awe of his strength and resilience.  For such a little guy, he is sure is a tough fighter...and makes it look so effortlessly!
   At 1 week after birth, preemie and micro-preemie babies will get a brain ultrasound to detect any brain bleeds.  These brain bleeds can happen in severity between level 1-level 4 (level 4 being the worst and can lead to cerebral palsy).  Needless to say, Curt and I have been very scared of the results of this ultrasound.  CJ got his ultrasound this morning and the results would not be ready until this afternoon.  While I was with him this morning, the NICU doctor came to visit.  She said the 2 most magical words, "ALL CLEAR!"  His brain ultrasound showed NO BLEEDING IN HIS BRAIN!!!  Again, words can not describe the amount of joy and blessings that we feel have been surrounding our miracle baby.

  I was fully prepared to celebrate this amazing medical feat that our miracle baby was not only alive, but in fact thriving and defying all odds.  What I was not prepared for was the indescribable joy of holding  my son...really holding my son...back to my body as he was only 1 week ago.  Many of you may have heard of this as either "Kangaroo Care" or "Skin-to Skin Care."  I simply call this JOY.

 The benefits of this care is that it helps babies to regulate their breathing and heart rate.  Helps the baby to not only gain weight, but to manage their temperature.  It helps the baby to get into a deep, restful sleep and prepares them for future breast feeding.  It also as benefits for the parents as well.  For both the mother and father, it helps with forming that special bond with your baby.  It helps to keep both parents and baby peaceful.  For moms who are breast feeding, it can help stimulate milk production.  

I was beyond thrilled to be able to start this care so soon.  Today, one week after his birth, my baby and I were reunited, skin to skin for over 3 hours!  During this time, he maintained his heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature.  He would squirm and snuggle up against me and make his sweet baby noises.  I would quietly sing/ hum to him or just tell him all sorts of stories about his 2 older siblings.  I told him how proud of him we all were and just how much he was loved.  As soon as he would hear my voice, he would snuggle even deeper against me and let out a sigh.  I had been worried that he wouldn't know me.  I spent a lot of time on bed rest alone...not talking (shocking for me right?) and I was scared my baby wouldn't recognize me...especially being in the NICU with all those sounds and I couldn't be with him 24/7.  Today completely put me at ease.  This baby, my miracle baby CJ....he is beyond amazing. 

 This picture was taken on Sunday, September 8th...the day before CJ was born.  This was the last time that I had all 3 of my babies together.   It will be awhile before they are all reunited again, but that's ok.  We will all be ok. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, support, texts, emails, gifts, and kind words.  Curt and I continue to be so grateful for your kindness and generosity. 
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  1. That is so amazing!!! So glad that he had NO brain bleeds!!! Such great news! I'm so happy that you were able to have those sweet, precious moments with that little miracle! We are still praying over here!