Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello Third Trimester...

Boy am I glad to see the third trimester being pregnant! No one...doctors, nurses, etc...thought that my little fighter and I would make it this far, but here we are! Woohoo!!!

Within the last week, our baby boy still seems to be doing well. On Thursday we had an ultrasound to check baby's growth. Overall, he is growing and had gained 6 oz in 3 weeks making him 1 pound 11 ounces. His abdomen did to show as much growth as the rest of him. While this is some cause for concern, we aren't worry about it as of yet. It is extremely difficult to get accurate measurements on him, specifically any organs, due to the lack of amniotic fluid....which when I mean lack, I mean none. Nada. Zilch. Zero. There is zero amniotic fluid. He is still producing the fluid, however it constantly leaks out.
  The good news is that he continues to produce the fluid. The down side of having no fluid is that there is a higher chance of the umbilical cord becoming compressed. This could in many different ways from him sitting on it, getting wrapped up in it, or in rare occasions him holding onto it and squeezing it (my doctor said the last way is rare, but she has seen it happen).  How would we know if this happens? His heart rate take a dip and it would show up when his heart rate is being monitored.
  Well, this has started to happen. Last night and this morning while being monitored, his heart rate took a dip. I was kept on the monitor longer the frequency that this wold happen. Luckily, it only happened 1-2 times in the 2 hours of being monitored each time. It could have happened simple because of his positioning. He still continues to move, more like trying to get in a comfortable position rather than kicking.  Any movement is good...and we are all good there! However, this movement can cause the cord compression, but he usually moves and his rate goes back to the normal range.
post signature What happens next? Baby's heart rate is monitored more frequently and watched more closely.  We will have a repeat ultrasound in 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks. Also, next week I will receive my second and final doses of steroid injections to help baby boy develop.

  I'm still hanging in. The nurses, doctors, and staff at the hospital are so sweet and have been spoiling! At different times during the day, you can find nurses popping in my room to say hi and chat with me, often staying about 30-45 minutes. Nurses will cheer when I am one of their patients for the day...they are just phenomenal!

   I continue to feel so blessed...yes, even in this unimaginable situation. My husband and I now have hope. Hope that our baby will overcome this situation and our family will become the family of 5 we have prayed for. I am continuously grateful for the out pouring of support, generous gifts, cards, emails, texts, and phone calls from family and friends. It is because of all of you that we are able to continue to be strong and are making it day by day. Please continue to pray for our baby boy and pray for my husband. His strength, love, and devotion is awe inspiring. I continue to fall even deeper in love with him as I see him being so strong for me, our children, and himself. He is amazing!


  1. I just got caught up on what has been going on! Thoughts and prayers to your family, you, and that precious little baby boy!

  2. I had not been checking blogs over the weekend, and I was filled with joy when I opened blogger and saw an update from you. I'm continuing to send up my prayers for you and your family, as well as all the medical staff. Keep up the great work!