Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Set Back

This week, we've been dealing with our first set back for CJ. On Monday, he had some blood in his stool when he had a bowel movement. Due to this, his feeding was suspended for 7 days. He was put in antibiotics incase he was starting to get an infection in his stomach. The cause for this could have been either a start of infection, irritation to his stomach...increase of feedings too fast or an allergic reaction to cows milk protein in the breast milk...which I have since cut out all dairy from my diet...or worse case scenario, a part of his bowels are no longer working properly and he would require surgery at Riley. 
    Thankfully, his X-rays have came back normal since Wednesday. Hopefully, it was just a small irritation...either from the cows milk protein or from increasing his feedings too quickly. Since he has been stable since his X-rays came back, tomorrow he starts back in getting breast milk through his feeding tube. He will start slowly with 2ml and work his up as long as his system is handeling it well. 
 How has he reacted through all of this? Like the fighter he is! He seems to take everything in stride...only getting fussy when he wants to be left alone. His favorite time continues to be the 3 hours when we get to snuggle. He falls into a deep sleep and manages his breathing, body temp, and heart rate perfectly. 
  He is also more alert after our skin to skin time too. His eyes are wide awake and he tracks me with them. He also moves his whole body to the sound of my voice, turning his head and leaning in the direction I am standing.  He has been working a little harder to breathe, but as soon as he is aware that I am near, he calms down and his breathing goes back to normal. He is already a Mama's boy! Yes, I am thrilled! 

 He has started to take a pacifier...working on the development of being able to suck and manage his breathing. He is still a long way away from being able to feed from a bottle or the breast, but this will help prepare him when he is finally ready to try. Even though his feedings have been suspended, he is getting plenty of nutrients from his specially mixed IV bag. He has even gained some weight and is up to 3.3 pounds! He is still tiny, but he is starting to fill out more. 

He is definitely showing his personality more too! With his looks, I just know he is going to be a little heart breaker! I mean seriously, could my sweet miracle baby get any cuter? (Of course, I am totally bias! ) 

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