Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Tag Added to the Bunch

  When Clayton was born, I bought a necklace. This necklace had a charm or tag on it that had his name on one side and all his birth information on the other side. I have never taken it off. Once Lacey was I added another tag with her name and birth information. Again, I have never taken it off. I even have tan lines to prove it! 
   Once CJ was born, I ordered his tag right away to add to my necklace. I know that it is just a necklace, but it is a way to keep my babies near me when we are apart. 

  Isn't it funny that the smallest child has the largest charm? 
No, CJ's charm is not's just reflecting off of my phone case. Not to mention, isn't it funny that Clayton and Lacey were almost the exact same size when born? Makes me wonder how big CJ would have been if I were able to carry him full term. 

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