Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Big C!

Four years ago today, God blessed me with the most perfect little boy ever created.  Today has been one of those bittersweet days...sweet for being blessed with 4 years of a healthy and usually happy Big C, but bitter with how fast the past four years have gone! I mean, I just blinked my eyes  and this little miracle turned from this...

  to a smiley toddler...

then to a smart, articulate, creative, brave, hilarious, and handsome four year old.

Dear Clayton,
    You are my absolute joy.  You have taught me how to be completely selfless and to appreciate not only the big monumental moments of life, but even the small moments that usually get overlooked.  Clayton, you may think that the only person learning in our mother/ son relationship is you; however, you continue to teach me not only how to me a mom, but a better person.  You wear your heart on your sleeve and speak your four year old mind.  I'm learning that even though every time your heart gets a "boo boo" as hard as it is for me, I need to allow you to fix it yourself.  Yes, you have your stubborn moments as well, when you believe you are in the complete right...don't know where you got this from! Your are beginning to 'test the waters' even more as grow, but usually you reserve that for your father and I.  I'm excited to see what the coming year has in store for you and to continue on your journey of learning and growing, just please don't grow up too fast!  You deserve to be a kid, free to try things out and make mistakes, for as long as you can!  Clayton, I'm so very proud of you and will love you forever and always.

Happy 4th Birthday Sweetheart!

   Your Mommy

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  1. Happy Birthday Clayton!! Awesome post Mommy.... We love you all! - The Pollert Family

  2. Happy Birthday! Such a sweet post...brought tears to my eyes!