Thursday, December 8, 2011

DIY: Christmas Card Holder

Each year, we seem to get more and more holiday cards and I love know my slightly odd obsession with getting mail.  I always feel bad because I haven't had a good way to display the cards without spending a lot of money.  I decided, this was the year! I'm displaying my holiday cards and I'm not going to break the bank to do it!  After some google searches of Christmas cards, I pieced together a few ideas and to the Dollar Store I went!    I came back with 3 items costing, you guessed, it $3!  All I bought was: festive ribbon, snowflake ornaments (3 for $1), and a box of paper clips.

I got out my trusty hot glue gun...
I cut the ribbon into 3 strips and folded one end which I then put a dot of glue on...

The snowflake was added..
Then I sorted out my paper clips to the ones that matched and slid them on the ribbon.
And...TAAADAAA!   I had an extra ribbon that I used to hang it with on the back of our front door, that way when ever anyone enters or exits our house, they are greeted not only by me, but all of our our family and friends!
Ok, so ...I have faith that these Christmas card holders won't be bare for long!
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