Friday, December 2, 2011

Cutest Invite Ever!

I LOVE getting 'snail' mail!!  In the world of technology, when ever I get something in the mailbox, I just feel so special that sometime took time and some money to send something to me.  It is so bad, that my husband will not get the mail because he knows that it is something that I look forward to every day.  This week has been a great week for mail. Not only did we get our first Christmas card of the seasoon...Thanks Sis!...I also received the CUTEST invitation ever! 

The invite is for a cookie exchange and a holiday craft and I couldn't be more excited!   It came from my former partner teacher, Bethany.  Bethany and I taugt together for 3-4 years...when you take out maternity leaves that we both had.  Have you ever had the privilage to meet a total stranger and have your personalities instantly click?  You know that quote about best friends, how you don't have to talk to them every day, but when you do talk to them, even if it is after a long period of time, its like you just talked to them yesterday?  Bethany is not only an amazing teacher, but her parenting, creativity, and devotion to her faith is a constant inspiration.  She is someone who is a role model to me in so many ways and I feel very blessed to have her as a friend.  I am so excited to be able to spend some time with her and meet more of her family and friends!  I can't wait for our Holiday exchange and craft!  Now, its to the recipe book to find some amazing cookies to bake!

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