Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY: Christmas Wreath and Picture Frame

Yes, another Do It Yourself project idea! This one ...or two or three...only take about 20 minutes to create!  I went to a cookie swap on Monday and we made a  Christmas wreath using ornaments and a wire hanger.  Stretch out the wire hanger, string on your ornaments, tie together at the ends and ...TAADAAA!!!   (I added a ribbon to top it off)

I didn't have an extra wreath hanger, so instead, I am using it as a center piece.  I put it in the middle of our table around a glass vase that holds even more ornaments!

I had a few extra ornaments left over.  I have been looking for a gaudy Christmas picture frame to hold the Big C and Baby C's picture from last Christmas. My goal is to take a picture of them every year in their Christmas PJ's under the tree.  I'm going to put them in Christmas picture frames and use them as decorations for the Christmas season. I thought this was a wonderful way see how they grow each year.  Last year was Baby C's first is hard to believe!  With my extra ornaments, I hot glued them to the picture and voila! Gaudy picture frame it is!

I love DIY projects!

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  1. Love the new projects. I have been using past Christmas pictures as decorations too. I typically get a frame in the sale days after Christmas, put in a picture from that year, and then put it away when the decorations come down. It has been a lot of fun watching the collection grow!

  2. love the frames!

    you can see my frames and let me know what you think