Saturday, December 10, 2011

DIY: New Obsession #5638247

I love putting Big C and Baby C in matching shirts, but I don't like having to spend time looking for the ones that I want, spending the $$$ and then waiting for them to be delivered.  I decided I would try to make my own shirts.  I wanted shirts for them to wear during the holidays that were cute, but also comfortable.    I first made a "test" shirt for Baby C...a zebra L.

 Since that shirt was successful, on to the Halloween shirts.    Matching pumpkins with zebra bats, along with their initials, of course!

Halloween...SUCCESS! On to Thanksgiving shirts!  I created a Thankful turkey with color feathers and a zebra print pilgrim hat, wich of course, their initials.

For their Christmas shirts, I kept it simple, just ornaments with their initials on them.

Making the shirts have been so cost efficient and fun!  I decided to make Big C's shirt for his 4th ...gulp...birthday.  He choose his own birthday them and is a hint of his birthday theme!

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