Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! Baby C 2Months!

Baby C is 2 months old today...what a special Easter for us!

What's up with Baby C?
  • Baby C is wearing size 2 diapers.
  • Baby C is wearing clothes that are 3-6 months old. They are a little big on her in her legs, however she needs the length for her torso. The 0-3 months do not allow for her to stretch and baby girl loves to stretch!
  • She is still nursing and does eat breast milk from a bottle.
  • She eats every 3 hours during the day but stretches out her feedings to 6 hours at night! Woohoo!
  • Baby C has delighted us by beginning to smile which melts our hearts!
  • She loves looking at fans and lights. She thoroughly enjoys being outside and watching her big brother play.
  • When she is awake, she is so alert! She also LOVES to be cuddled!
  • She has continues to spoil us by being such an amazing baby girl!
Baby C celebrated her first Easter with us today! She had a beautiful dress on, but sadly Pukerella got to it before I could take a picture of her in it. Big C wore this same outfit...minus the headband and bow...on his first Easter two years ago.
Big C got to open his Easter basket after his FOUR HOUR Easter present to his parents!

His favorite gift? These animals with wheels. He runs around the house carrying them and lining them up every. He LOVES these things!

Baby C also got her first Easter present....sleepers!

Happy Easter to you all!

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