Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting Ready For Easter

After thinking about it, this post should have been titled "How We Got Ready For Easter". We...or should I say I....decided to dye eggs again this year. With Big C being 2 and Baby C being 2months, they really weren't in to it. Yes, this was mainly for me. I just think that it is so much fun! I love to do traditional things just as dying eggs, getting dressed up in our Easter gear, hunting for eggs, Easter baskets, and etc. Here are some pictures from our egg dying experience.
Big C making sure I'm following directions...
Baby C doing one of the two things she does best...
Big C and I putting "andimal" stickers on our eggs.
Big C holding his decorated Easter egg. He has a sticker on his face of a giraffe.
Baby C and her decorated egg.
Our finished product.
Our family eggs...LOVE the monkey! Of course, Big C wanted the tiger for his egg.

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