Friday, April 16, 2010

Teacher Gifts

Kelly's Korner is doing a "Show Me Your Teacher Gifts" this week on her blog. As a teacher, I thought that I would share my favorite gifts. Most teachers spend lots of their own money on their students. It is not uncommon for me to go to the store and pick up a little gift for Big C, Baby C, and my 22 Kindergarten students. This can be a big financial burden, but we teachers do it because we view your children as our children. Here are a few ideas.

Gift cards are always GREAT! Generic gift cards are good if you aren't sure of where to go. Chances are, your teacher will spend the money on your child's class.

I always purchase things from Target for my "children"...aka students. They have an excellent $1 spot to get things from!
Walmart has a huge selection of things for the classroom. For my classroom, I purchase many classroom supplies for craft projects, classroom parties, birthday and Christmas presents for the students.

Chances are, any gift card you purchase will be spent on your child! If you want to get a present strictly for the teacher, try a Starbucks Gift Card...Starbucks has something for everyone even if your teacher isn't a coffee drinker!

Children's books is always a gift I love to receive. I use so many books when teaching and updating my classroom room is a huge financial commitment also. Beginning teachers usually don't have a big selection for their classroom library so helping out by purchasing a couple books not only helps them, but your child will benefit by getting to ready those books also.

If you aren't sure what books would be age appropriate, you can order books from Scholastic Book Orders. I'm sure most of your children's teachers send them home. When you order one book for your child, order an extra for the class. Not only are you encouraging reading for your child, you are instilling the love of reading and learning in other children as well!

Also, your teacher earns points depending on how many books are ordered. These points can be redeemed for classroom supplies. Yet just another way to help your teacher to help your child!

One of the most meaningful gifts I can receive is a simple Thank You note. I have kept every note, card, scrap of paper that has the words "Thank You" written on them. I have them filed in folders by the year and class that I received them. Whenever I have a 'bad day' I go through this folder and my day immediately turns better!

Remember, a simple Thank You can go along way!

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  1. Cute blog! Enjoyed hearing about gifts from an actual teacher!

  2. LOVE IT!! I used to teach and giftcards always made me smile!!

    I love your blog, so cute!

  3. Good ideas :) My fave is the Starbucks teachers love our sbux!

  4. The Starbucks card is my favourite too. :)