Friday, April 23, 2010

Renovate? or Not to Renovate?

Since I've been home on maternity leave, I am a a little embarrassed to admit how much TV I have started watching. Baby C isn't one for conversing just yet and Big C's topics of conversations revolve around animal noises, trucks, and Mickey Mouse. I've been watching all different types of shows from "Dog The Bounty Hunter" to any home improvement shows. Whenever I watch these shows I always think the same thing...sure, I can do that! (Yes, even bounty hunting!)

I noticed that on the home renovation shows, they always do 2 things.

1. Paint

I know I said in the past that I wouldn't be painting any time soon....after painting 3 rooms while being pregnant, I'm all painted out. Painting can be a quick, cheap and easy solution to updated a room.

2. Lighting

Another solution can simply be changing how you light your house. Whether it be installing recessed lighting (This site has 5% off on lighting closeout, but check it out soon because it ends April 30.), adding a lamp, or simply moving your lamps around the room, these simple and cheap solutions can bring a whole new updated feel to your room. This I'm going to have to try 'cause this girl's painting days are least for now! I'm no Bob Vila...
but it can't be that hard.....right?

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