Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Big C!

My....*sigh**sigh* .....turns....*sniffle*....TWO....*sob**SOB*!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday My Dear Sweet Clayton!

Happy Birthday To YOU!!

Dear Clayton,
Words can not describe the amount of joy that you have brought to m y life. Every day I thank God that he has chosen me to be your mother. It is an awesome responsibility and I look forward to the challenges and joys of it every second of every day. You have are growing up to be such a caring, smart, funny, and independent can slow down a little on doing that and continue to be my little baby for a while longer, which would thrill me to pieces! Each day, you surprise me with something new that you have learned which you are always eager to share. Any time I hear you say "Mom" or "Wuv eww Mom" my heart soars. I love you with every part of my soul.

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday Clayton! We love you!!

  2. Awwww....he looks like such a big boy!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAYTON!