Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby C Update

31 weeks....feeling good! Baby C is still cooking away in my preggo belly. We visited our doctor yesterday who thanked us profusely for being such easy patients for him.

I can tell Baby C is getting stronger and growing out of room. I have less kicks and more of what feels like her pushing to get comfortable. She is not afraid to throw an elbow or knee to make her point that she NEEDS MORE ROOM! Sleeping has began to be a bit of a challenge...finding a comfortable spot to lay in that she likes also...little diva! We are hoping that in two months, we'll get to meet her! We are all ready for her...bags are packed, nursery is done, clothes are washed and put away...all we are missing is her!
I know how I told myself that I wouldn't buy anything else for her until she got here...especially after doing her laundry, trust me...she has so many clothes, she will not be able to wear them all! However...accessories aren't clothes...right? RIGHT?! So, I found these super cute bows on etsy for her hair or to attach to head bands or hats if she doesn't have any hair. However, with the crazy heart burn that I have, I'm assuming that she will come out with hair so long that we'll have to get it cut!

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