Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Quick (it took me about 2 nights), easy, fun read......Rattled!.....is about a 26 year old woman from NY whom gets pregnant by her boyfriend of 1 month...who just happens to be from Indiana. This book is about how she copes during the pregnancy on her own and vows to make a good life for her son.

The author, Christine Coppa...pronounced "cop-pa" ....wrote about her life starting out on a blog for the ever popular Glamour magazine. The blog did so well, that she turned it into a book..very similar to one of my favorite authors..Jen Lancaster. (Side note, her new book comes out May 4, 2010...so excited! She recently released the book cover on her blog.) Her blog, Storked!, is a great read also. You can click on her blog header below to be taken to her blog.

Seriously, how cute is she and her son, Jack Domenic?!

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