Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Headbands, Hats, and Bows...OH MY!

There are just some things that you don't buy for little boys that you do buy for little girls. Here is where I am starting to get 'in trouble'. I'm so used to buying for the three little loves of my life....who all happen to be boys...Big C, and cousins Collin and Oliver! Now that Baby C is a girl, I get to buy girlie things and I have to admit that I am a little out of my league, since I think that she NEEDS it all!
For instance, I just knew that she had to have a few knitted hats. So, what do I do...I buy TEN in all different colors, because well...a girl has got to accessorize! So then, I thought that she needed bows to add to the hats. However, my mind started racing...what if she grows out of her hats before she has hair? What I am I going to do then so people know she is a girl? So, of course, off to the Internet to purchase TWELVE knitted headbands. Tonight I found my self, sitting at the kitchen table, surrounded by headbands, hats, and bows all of the matching possibilities...which I started to get a little overwhelmed...what if I pair up a bow with hat, but there is a better pair choice? For example, I bought this adorable zebra print and red bow...but which at to put it with...

the red hat?

the black hat?
the white hat?

Oh GOODNESS!...I forgot about the the head bands too!

And...when I mention head bands...I do mean head bands! Here is a very select FEW from Baby C's collection.

Did I mention that bows are all interchangeable?
Oh, did I also mention that I am slightly crazy?
P.S....Big C doesn't think much about the head bands...especially when he was 'forced' to try some on....

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