Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back In The Day....

I was doing my nightly ritual of searching all of my favorite websites/blogs when I got on my facebook account. In the news feed, I saw where one of my fellow colleagues...who's daughter just so happens to be in my Kindergarten class..posted about her daughter getting her very first boy phone call. It got me thinking....

For starters, I tried to remember back to the first time a boy called me...totally couldn't remember, but I know I had to be older than KINDERGARTEN! Then that got me thinking to how many hours I was on the phone when I was in elementary/middle school. I can remember some nights, going home from school, getting on the phone, and talking anywhere between 4-5 hours straight! However, I can't remember about what there was to talk about for so long. Now, the thought of spending that many consecutive hours on the phone makes me cringe!
Man, I'm getting old!
Then...I started thinking in the future to when Big C wants to call a girl...gasp.... if that will be in Kindergarten, I better start preparing myself for three years from now!

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  1. Wow ~ A boy calling a girl in kindergarten! That seems pretty young...what do they have to talk about? Times sure have changed...although, I was never one to be on the phone for hours with my friends while in elementary school.