Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby C Update

Today we had our second ultrasound to see the status of the cyst on Baby C's head. Thank you so much to everyone who said a prayer for her, because it worked! THE CYST IS GONE!!!!!!! Miraculously, the cyst disappeared on its own and our baby girl is completely healthy...and a little feisty! She is measuring a little bigger than 26 weeks, but the due date is still the same. We did check to make sure that she is still a girl...if you spent as much money on monogramming and pink that I have, you would too! Alas...still a GIRL! YAH! Baby C was very content and spent most of her time sucking on her thumb and blinking her eyes. At one point, she did turn her head and stick her tongue out at us numerous times as if to say.."See! I told you I was ok!" Every time you get to see your baby in an ultrasound is a total blessing and the most special experience. Today, she was big enough that when she moved, I not only saw it, but felt it too. Words can not explain the connect and bond I feel with my baby girl. I just feel so blessed and fortunate to be able to have not only Baby C, but Big C too.

Since Baby C is further along, her features are easier to be seen. Here is a picture of her face...don't worry if you can't see it..she is there and HEALTHY!!

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