Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reaching a Whole New Level!

My dorkyness (no that is not a real word...but I am going to trademark it...damn, another level has been reached!) has reached a WHOLE new level! Tonight, we are having another game night. I thought that it would be fun to buy a new game for us to play. So, I head to my trusty Target because I know that it will never let me down. As I'm scanning the wall of games, suddenly, my heart skips a beat and my breathe catches in my chest....were my eyes deceiving me? I turn away and turn back again and there it is....


Of course, I snatch it up quickly, hoping that no one tackles my pregnant booty to the ground to steal it from me in their haste to purchase it also...(even though there are 5 identical games on the wall for purchase)...and rush to the check out lane like a running back races to the end zone (it is football season after all).

I hurry home and show my husband my purchase, not caring at all that his eyes might get stuck in the back of his head from the enormous eye roll he gave me. After lunch, I force him to begin playing the game with which I envision myself transported to Forks and mingling with the Cullens.....

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  1. So. Freaking. Jealous. I think the next staff "milk and cookies" event might involve a game of Twilight and some beverages (both the "adult" variety and the "non-adult" for all the pregnant ladies) :-)