Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Sunday Landscaping

A couple of months ago, we added a bigger concrete patio to the back of our house. We replaced our door mat sized concrete slab with a 10X15 sq.feet slab. We have loved it, but I have hated how unfinished it looks. Today, I decided to firmly welcoming it to our house with a little landscaping. This is what it looked like before I "dug" in.
I leveled the ground around the side edges and place a plastic tarp over the ground so that grass and weeds would be discouraged from growing there.

Originally, I wanted to add soil and plant some shrubs...but the I was reminded that we had two shrubs when we moved in and I hated them, so we tore them out. We decided to just add decorative rock instead....lower maintenance and cheaper in the long run.

Our patio is still a work in progress, however I am a lot more happier with it now! I still would like to get solar powered lighting to add to the rocks so that at night time, it glows....but that is for a different Sunday!

"Ok Mom....can we go watch Mickey now? PLEEEEASE!"

" We sure can Big C....after is SUNDAY!"

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  1. The landscaping looks great! I too think the solar lights would be a great finishing touch. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day watching Mickey!!!