Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Hair Make-Over

Last night I watched:

I don't watch this show very often, but I do enjoy it. The episode on last night was the one where the girls get their "model hair make-overs." Of course, there were some girls who loved it and wouldn't stop looking at themselves in the mirror, then there was the girl who cried because her hair got cut super short. Watching this, it got me thinking. Maybe Big C needed a hair make over to officially welcome him into the toddler world. Since it was bath night anyway, I thought it was a perfect time to experiment.

**Cue cheesy movie montage music now.**

We tried the slick back, wind in my face look.

The Mohawk was rockin'.

The Comb-Over...we'll wait until he is 80 for that!

The can tell by looking at his face that he thinks that I am just a little off of my rocker!

The Comb-Forward....guess it might be time for a hair cut..hmmmm...

For his sassy days...the Devil Horns....he is looking at them in the picture trying to figure out what or why I am doing this to him!

Sadly, he takes after his Mom in the non-hair-volume aspect...his hair is too short for Bump Its....I tried.
We didn't find a hairstyle we liked, so it is business as usual at our house in that department.

Guess you don't mess with PERFECTION!

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