Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Want That!

I do some online shopping and one of my favorite websites to visit is Forever 21. I find many great deals....don't worry TJ Maxx, I'm not cheating on you! Here are a few things that made me do a double take tonight when I was browsing...I promise! JUST BROWSING!! (in case my husband reads this!)

I love a little "hair bling" every now and then. Don't you think that this headband would look totally cute with my bump it!!

I am a HUGE scarf person in the fall/spring. I love light-weight scarves, I love the look of them and how they can make a simple outfit trendy and put together. Here is one that caught my eye for less than $10!

Kate Gosselin wore a coat very similar to this at the sextuplet's birthday party on the show. I loved it and was psyched when I found something similar...and under $40!

For days when I am feeling sassy....ok, if you know me, then you know that is most of the time....but wouldn't this coat be perfect!! Again...UNDER $40!


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