Monday, August 17, 2009

Game Night Choices

This weekend we invited friends over to grill out and have a game night. We had a few games picked out, however we spent 4 hours battling for total world domination in the game of Risk.

Sadly...I didn't win, but at 1:00am I was more concerned with sleeping in my bed rather than Global Domination. (Thankfully, Big C decided to sleep in the next day until 10:00am....Have I mentioned lately how much I love my son?!!!)

We also like to play Apples to Apples when we are in a big group of people.

I haven't played this game in a few years...but I always loved the game of Life. It was fun to see how many kids, where I was going to live, what my career was going to be, and etc. It brings me back to the days in elementary when my girlfriends and I would play "MASH WRAP" where we had to choose three boys to marry, three places to live, three cars to drive, three colors for our wedding, and much more.
Rummikub is fun with a group of friends, but also just when Curt and I play together. You never know who is going to win, with a little big of skill and a lot of luck, it is any one's game.

Scattegories can be a frustrating game that will have you in stitches listening to what your opponents can come up with. To tell you the truth, this is a game that I rarely win, but I LOVE playing!

I can't wait until our next game night!

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