Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School, Dress Up, and Update

    Our little man is surviving his first few days of Kindergarten, even if he is exhausted.  The highlight of my "bedridden" day is when everyone comes home.  Lacey comes running in the house yelling, "Mommy! Mommy!" Clayton comes in, slings his book bag...backpack....err, whatever you call it....on the couch for me to look through his papers, gets his iPad and headphones, and tunes us out!

 Exhibit A: 

 WAIT! I am all for him going to Kindergarten, but not for this!  How did he grow up so much in just a short period of time!  *SIGH....*

Meanwhile, while Big Bro is at school doing this:

Little Sis is at her "school" doing this:

They could not be more different from one another and I could not be more thrilled for their individuality and uniqueness! did SHE grow up so fast too! 

 No matter how different they are, my heart is happy because they sure do love each other.  Even though they enjoy totally different things and have different interests, they still will choose to play together and help one another.  I just pray this lasts through their teenage years! 

As for the me and the youngest member of the family, we are still doing the same, which is not necessarily bad.  Each day that I stay pregnant is hopefully giving him a better chance of surviving.  I pray that there is enough fluid surrounding him so that his lungs can continue to develop.  Tomorrow is our big day...the second time I will be off of the couch and out of the house in 2 weeks.  I hope my husband drives slow so I can enjoy it!  I have a vision of me hanging my head out of the window yellling, "WHEEEEE"  like the pig in the GEICO commercial: 

The reason for leaving the house is a doctor's appointment.  Tomorrow is a big day, we will get an in depth ultrasound to determine the baby's growth, meet with high risk pregnancy doctors, and a NICU doctor and team.  Hopefully, we will learn if our baby's chance of survival has improved from 0% chance and determine a plan or course of action.  Thank you all for your prayers, comments,  and text messages.  This has not gotten any easier, but we have been comforted so much by all of your support.

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  1. I'm glad the kids are having so much fun at school! I'm also sending you lots of love and prayers as you head into your appointment.