Thursday, April 21, 2011


This is a question that I have been asked A LOT recently. You may even be thinking that same question now..."Why has she been asked why so much?" Well, it has all centered around a 'challenge' that I have given myself.

Now, before I tell you what the challenge is, I feel as though you need to know the why behind it. (Have I severely confused you yet?) The purpose behind this challenge is to do just that...challenge me. It is to challenge my willpower and hopefully strength not only my willpower but control also. I feel as though so many times obstacles are all about, "mind over matter". My first 'mind over matter' challenge was running a 5K...CHECK! I have felt such a great sense of not only physical accomplishment from it, but a mental accomplishment also.
Since you know the 'why' now, I'm sure you are wondering the in, what is this new challenge?

Well, for the next 25 days...(It's a 30 day challenge for myself and I am currently on day 5) you can call me:
If you are like most of the people whom already know of my 'challenge', you are probably shaking your head or laughing. Or...maybe you are not, maybe you don't eat much meat, or are a vegetarian or already a vegan. However, I was not either of those. I generally eat meat at every meal, even though my preference is chicken I do dive into a juicy cheeseburger every now and then.

Why is this so much of a challenge? Well, the thing is, Vegans do not eat any food that is a product or bi-product of animals. No meat, fish, dairy, eggs, butter, or even honey.
Sounding more like a challenge to you? For me, it totally is. I enjoy eggs on Sunday morning along with my coffee full of cream. I grew up a meat eater, cook meat to feed my family at dinner and fill up my children's cups with milk (Lactose free for Baby C...which by the way is made from Lactose free cows! I had no idea!...ok, back on topic...) to have none of this has been a challenge.

I have been creative with my cooking and my meals have been surprisingly very satisfying. I have also noticed that since I have been eating less processed foods, I have been using salt less...which does WONDERS if you body retains water like a water bed! I have been forced to think outside the box for my meals which has given me yet another challenge. I'll post some of my vegan recipes, that could easily have meat or other animal bi-products substituted, for you to take a glimpse at or even try.

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